Australian Permanent Mission and Consulate-General
Switzerland, Liechtenstein

PC7 Renewal Form Instructions




PC7 Renewal Form Instructions



Applications that are lodged in person are ONLY accepted via scheduled appointments.
Appointments can be made by calling 022 799 9147 or 022 799 9176
between the hours of 0900-1200, Monday to Friday

Processing time: All applications lodged with the Passports Office in Geneva are processed within 2 business days provided that the photographs and application form meet all the requirements. They are then submitted to our Canberra office for further processing and issued within 10 business days.

Before submitting the form you need to:

  • Check all pre-completed details on the form are correct. If changes are needed to the name field or personal details in Section 2, you will need to obtain an Application for an Australian Passport Overseas form available from

  • Check your address – we require your local address. If changes are required, neatly cross through the pre-printed address and write clearly in black ink the new address to the right of the address label. This will be the address for delivery of the replacement passport.

  • Complete the remaining sections in black ink and sign the form attesting that all the information is correct. Your signature should not go outside the white boxed area in section 6 of the application form otherwise the application will be rejected.


The following should be submitted with your completed PC7 form:

  • The passport recorded in the top left-hand corner of the form (this passport will be cancelled and returned to you with your new passport; please check the status of any visas in this passport with the authority which issued them as we are unable to provide any information about visas)

  • Two recent colour photographs that meet the requirements stated on the photo guide printed overleaf - unacceptable photos will result in your application being rejected (please do not stick,staple or pin the photos to the form)

  • Proof of payment. Please click here for electronic transfer details

  • Self-addressed, stamped registered envelopeto a value of CHF7. Please note that passports can only be mailed within Switzerland.


The completed form, your passport, photographs, proof of payment and return envelope should be sent by registered mail to:

The Passport Office, Australian Consulate-General
Chemin des Fins 2, Case postale 102
1211 Geneva 19