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How to complete an online application for an Australian Passport Overseas

How to complete an online application for an Australian Passport Overseas

Tips for completing an online application:

  • You may complete both PC8 and PC7 application forms online. The online applications are filled in online which you then print off as completed applications.

  • You cannot download blank forms via the internet.

  • To access and complete a PC7 Renewal Form, the system will require you to answer a number of security questions based on information you provided on your previous passport application. If you are unable to answer these questions correctly, you will be unable to use the online service. Contact the Passports Office in Geneva for further assistance should this occur.

  • When completing the forms online, if you do not think that a specific section of the form applies to your application try to skip to the next section of the form by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking NEXT.

  • If you come to a field that requires an entry and the system will not accept what you have provided, try using "XXXX" or "O/S" in that field.

  • In some cases a message will be displayed at address fields within the form advising that the address (overseas) cannot be validated because it is not in Australia. Provided that the address is correct you can proceed past this step by clicking NEXT located at the bottom right corner.

  • If you do not have an Australian Drivers License or Birth Certificate, leave this section blank. A Birth Certificate is not a Birth Card, so please do not enter Birth Certificate details in this section.