Australian Permanent Mission and Consulate-General
Switzerland, Liechtenstein


Universal Periodic Review: Peru

Statement by Australia

1 November 2012

Australia welcomes the efforts of the Government of Peru since its last Universal Periodic Review to implement recommendations and improve the protection of human rights.

We welcome the establishment of the Peruvian Ministry of Social Development and Social Inclusion and look forward to seeing the positive impact of this new institution, particularly in regional areas.

Australia recognises the work underway in Peru on protection of women against violence. We welcome the approval of the law against Femicide in December 2011 and commend Peru for approving and starting to implement the Second National Plan to Combat Violence against Women 2009-2015. Australia also welcomes Peru’s acknowledgement of issues around women’s reproductive health, including maternal mortality. We recommend Peru continue to address violence against women, particularly in regional and local areas.

While recognising there has been a reduction in the use of child labour, we are concerned the percentage of children and adolescents working (23.4 per cent) is still high. We are also concerned that 19.5 per cent of children under five suffer from chronic malnutrition. We understand the incremental nature of making improvements in health and education, particularly when dealing with entrenched poverty; however we look forward to seeing further improvements in the health and protection of children and young people. We recommend Peru undertake further measures to protect women and children, particularly from violence and exploitation.

We are also concerned about reports that journalists and human rights defenders continue to face intimidation and threats, particularly in the provinces, and urge Peru to investigate all acts of violence against these groups. We recommend Peru continue efforts to protect human rights defenders from threats and intimidation to ensure they can perform their functions properly.

We commend Peru for prioritising action to address problems in the prison system by declaring the national penitentiary system to be in a state of emergency. We recommend Peru improve conditions in all prisons and detention centres to comply with international standards.