Australian Permanent Mission and Consulate-General
Switzerland, Liechtenstein


Universal Periodic Review Working Group – 13th Session

Universal Periodic Review of Brazil

Statement by Australia

25 May 2012

Australia commends Brazil for the positive steps it has taken to address extreme poverty through the success of programs such as “Brazil without Misery”. We also welcome the positive steps taken by Brazil in establishing a plan for people with disabilities.

Australia welcomes the creation of the National Truth Commission in 2011. We trust that the Commission will thoroughly investigate alleged human rights abuses in Brazil from 1946 to 1988.

Australia commends the success achieved by the government of the State of Rio de Janeiro through its UPP Police Pacifying Unit program and recommends that other state governments in Brazil consider implementing similar programs.

We continue to be concerned with threats and acts of violence against human rights defenders, including journalists and lawyers and the deaths of human rights advocates, particularly in north and northeast Brazil.

 We therefore welcome the establishment of a special task force to protect human rights defenders and recommend increased funding from Brazil in order to provide human rights advocates with adequate protection.

Against the background of reports of over-crowding and violence in the Brazilian prison system we recommend swift implementation of the proposed National System to Prevent and Combat Torture to address concerns over abuse.